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    Online Service
    Working Time

    Mon. To Sat. 8:30-17:30

    support hotline:

     0760-88836770 / 88409176

    • Hot Products
    • Bumper cars series
    • Self-control aircraft series
    • Carousel series
    • Train series
    • Space walk series
    • 回旋系列
    • Ocean Rafting Series
    • Marine tackle series
    • Corsair series
    • Bugs tribal series

    Product Show ? Customized

    To create benefits for customers, to bring tourists happiness

    Golden creatit ? manufacturers

    25 years focused on "research and development, production and sales" in an integrated manufacturer of amusement devices

    Set up in 1993, we, Zhongshan Jinxin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., originally named as “Zhongshan Jinxin Game Machine Factory”, are the member unit of China Association Of Amusement Parks And Attractions, the “Recommended brand enterprise” of International Amusement Equipment Network, and one of the earlier enterprises who are engaged in amusement equipment production in China.

    | Company environment ? Real plant

    • 厂房_07
    • 厂房_06
    • 厂房_03
    • 厂房_01

    Company honor ? Strength testimony

    Members of the International Amusement Park Association, is the international amusement equipment network "brand recommended enterprises"
    • business license
    • The third council
    • Special equipment manufacturing license
    • member unit
    • Certificate
    • 荣誉证书
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